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Friday, June 24, 2011

O, What a Flower!

Who knew there were so many ways to make your own flowers? I know you have seen a bunch this week and they are all fabulous! Today I have one more, very simple!, way to show you to make your own flower embellishment.

If you are like me, you have lots of letter stickers laying around that don't always get used (I know, especially those weird letters like q and x!). This is a great way to utilize some of those stickers and make a cute flower at the same time.

For this flower I used some letter "O"s for my flower petals. You will need a small piece of cardstock (circle or square) to anchor your petals to.

Snip one side of the O and then overlap the cut apart ends and stick it onto the small piece of cardstock.

Repeat with more O's until you have completed the petals all the way around.

Push firmly on the petal centers so they will stay (or anchor them with an extra glue dot). Then attach a button for the flower center and wa-lah! Super fast, cute and easy flower!

Now, you may be thinking-- okay, but "O" is not one of those weird leftover letters and I agree, I generally don't have a lot of "O"s left so here is one using a "w"--

On this one I didn't snip anything, just over lapped the ends of the "w" onto each other to form sort of a double petal and then stuck it on the cardstock.

And another one with a "Q"-- I always have those left! For this one I snipped it right where the little piece crosses the circle and then trimmed off the ends of that little piece, so basically it ends up looking like an "O."

Here's my completed layout with my letter flowers on it. I used Bo Bunny's Roughin' It papers for all of my circles and trimmed just a square off a diecut paper from that line to put my date and flowers on.

I hope you have learned a few tips and tricks from our DIY embellishements this week! Stayed tuned until the 30th for a few more ideas and make sure to enter your own DIY project in our current challenge.


Theresa said...

Thanks for sharing this idea.

Laura said...

But of course....why didn't I think of that!!
Thanks for the idea.